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Sinister Injector Drive Module OBS 7.3L Powerstroke - Diesel Power ProductsWebA faulty IDM in your OBS 7.3L Ford Powerstrokw will cause serious injector firing issues that lead to hard starts, rough idle, excessive smoke, poor performance, and lack of fuel economy. This IDM from Sinister Diesel will solve these issues and provide years of trouble free operation. The IDM works in conjunction with the vehicle's on-board Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup 4x4 1999 7.3l powerstroke dtc p1670WebJan 2, 2009 · FJ13 VERIFY DTC P1316 AND/OR P1670 Restore vehicle. Clear DTCs. Cycle key off, than start engine. Road test vehicle. Perform KOEO On-Demand Self Test and retrieve Continuous DTCs. Was DTC P1316 and/or P1670 set in Continuous without any codes in KOEO On-Demand? Yes-GO to FJ14 . No- REPAIR KOEO On-Demand DTCs. …Ford 7.3 powerstroke diesel p1211 lacks power. Fuel - YouTubeWebJul 3, 1999 · Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup 4x4 1999 7.3l powerstroke dtc p1670 Tim Mohr, ASE MASTER TECH 18,144 Satisfied Customers 30 YRS EXPERIENCE, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, GAS AND DEISEL Tim Mohr is online now Continue Related Ford Questions I have a 1999 F-250 Super Duty with a 7.3 turbo diesel. When I have a 1999 F-250 Super …p1670 help. - 7.3L Power Stroke® Diesel Engines - Diesel …WebApr 20, 2009 · The P1670--- DTC P1668 and P1670 indicates that a communication error has occurred between the PCM and the IDM. Possible causes: Open fuse IDM relay Open or shorted IDM enable circuit Open/short in EF circuit Open/short in FDCS circuit IDM powering circuits PCM The P1318 does not exist in the diagnostic trouble codes in the …

2003 FORD: CODE P-1670 ON MY CODE …WebThe cost of diagnosing the P1674 Ford code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair labor rates vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repairs shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour.Ford Vehicle ShowroomWebFeb 1, 2007 · 1994-2003 7.3L Power Stroke code P1670 EF signal not detected? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts J jots512 Registered Joined Jul 24, 2006 34 Posts Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 29, 2007 this is a new thread, i have a running thread on my diagnostics under the thread, '98 E350 fuel pressure.Engine just dies. Codes p1670-ef, p340., p1211. 7.3 diesel. - JustAnswerWebJan 4, 2016 · 720 Posts. #5 · Jan 3, 2016. The P1670 can be set by drawing the batteries down through extended cranking, or if the batteries are weak to begin with. E99 F350 with 1995/L1999 engine. 6637, Hutch, Stanadyne FM100 prefilter, NAPA coolant filter, EPR delete, blank pedestal, 5 trashed AD and 3 trashed AB injectors, but still running, lol.early 99 powerstroke p1670 code. what to do now? - Ford Truck WebApr 22, 2017 · Some 7.3L Econolines with aftermarket modification to the electrical systems may exhibit "chattering" of the Injector Driver Module (IDM) relay. This may be caused by modifications to the vehicle which may not provide enough electrical current to maintain the function of the IDM relay. ACTION

What is P0470 Code On 6.0 & 7.3 Powerstroke & How To Fix?WebP0470 is one of the diagnostic trouble codes of the Ford 6.0 & 7.3L Powerstroke. Not only these two models, other nozzle turbochargers powered vehicles can also have this DTC. By definition, the P0470 code refers to Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction.Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup 4x4 1999 7.3l powerstroke dtc p1670WebNov 10, 2014 · There is no pressure sensor on the fuel system on a 7.3 to measure fuel pressure and generate these codes. They are high pressure oil system related. Just as described in the old posts above you found with the search function. And like in those posts, we need a bit more info. Are you chipped? How many miles? Stock/original injectors?

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